• Solving the big challenges
    in the near future

    Genome editing, the basic technology
    of Setsuro Tech, is a new technology
    that is expected to solve challenges.

  • Population growth and Increased food demand

  • Carbon neutrality in
    tackling climate change

  • Differentiation and higher value creation of the products for sustainable business activities

  • Vision of PAGEs

    "PAGEs” is an abbreviation for Platform App (lication) using Genome Editing by Setsuro Tech.
    PAGEs reflects our idea that "genome editing will add new pages to all industries worldwide and bring about a revolution in the genome editing industry “.
    Regardless of the company size (small, medium, large) and the scope of business and industry, Setsuro Tech provides genome editing technology through contract R&D activities of PAGEs. With PAGEs, Setsuro Tech creates breakthroughs in current production systems and provides solutions for social and environmental problems that go beyond business-related issues. Changing what was considered impossible so far is the most attractive aspect of genome editing.

  • Image of using PAGEs

    With PAGEs, the genome editing technology of Setsuro Tech can be used to develop new traits in a wide range of species and to produce useful and valuable substances. Additionally, with PAGEs and Setsuro Tech’s genome editing technology, in case of business development, one can expect to create synergistic effects on various business domains, regardless of whether it is a new or current business.
    We aim to provide the best choice for your business development in combination with your current technology, resources, ideas, and Setsuro Tech’s technologies.

Setsuro Tech has accumulated a lot of know-how related to genome editing.

  • PAGEs project progress flow

  • Development and Commercialization of Developed Products

    You can outsource the R&D of the new products to Setsuro Tech.
    PAGEs provides R&D services as well as commercial production and sale of developed products.


    Setsuro Tech provides an out-licensing service of our genome editing technology and its products.
    You can use our assets for your business.

Setsuro Tech Inc. is founded with colleagues based on the genome editing technology developed at Tokushima University, Japan.
Since then, we have been conducting research with many researchers every day and our basic technology has been greatly improved.
With PAGEs and the contract R&D service, we will provide you with the opportunity to join the genome editing industry and develop new products by bringing out potentials of organisms without any development and validation of genome editing technology negotiation of intellectual properties.

Company Profile

Company NameSetsuro Tech Inc.
Headquarters / Research InstituteFujii Memorial Institute of Medical Sciences, 3-18-15, Kuramoto-cho, Tokushima-shi, Tokushima, 770-8503, JAPAN
Tokyo Sales OfficeChuwa Akihabara Building
3-8-8, Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan
Date of establishmentFeb 22, 2017
ServiceResearch and Development service using genome editing technologies