Contribution to the eating habits and medical care

Utilization of familiar existence with various values and problem solving

Chickens represent highly beneficial and vital poultry and serve as an important source of meat and eggs. Moreover, in recent years, the value has been even higher because of the use of eggs in vaccine production and biopharmaceuticals.

However, today’s poultry farming faces various challenges, such as new infectious diseases, climate change, and practices to improve animal welfare. Farmers await the development and implementation of new breeding technologies.

Setsuro Tech is using genome editing technology, an innovative breeding technique, to solve problems faced by the poultry industry.

Issues in the poultry industry

  • Avian influenza
  • Soaring compound feed prices
  • Animal welfare
  • Soaring egg prices
  • Maintain and expand egg consumption

What can be expected from genome editing in chickens

  • Identification of the sex of chicken eggs
  • Conferring disease resistance
  • Developing new breeds to enhance animal welfare
  • Low-cost production of high-value-added proteins
  • Proposals for high value-added chicken eggs