Contribution to sustainable livestock industry

Solving problems in the livestock industry

Pork is a main ingredient consumed widely all over the world.
However, the situation surrounding the pig farming industry is severe, and it is an industry that places a heavy burden on producers, such as soaring feed prices and heavy labor.
Furthermore, in recent years, cross-border infectious diseases such as swine fever, African swine fever, and epidemic diarrhea have become prevalent worldwide, and many pigs have lost their lives.

At the same time, the global demand for animal protein is increasing, and there is an urgent need to improve productivity to meet the demand for pork.

Setsuro Tech utilizes genome editing technology, which is an innovative breeding technology, to advance research and development to solve the problems faced by the pig farming industry.

Problems in the livestock industry

  • Soaring feed prices
  • Spread of disease
  • Heavy labor
  • Environmental load

What can be expected from genome editing in pigs

  • Improved production efficiency of livestock
  • conferring disease resistance
Contribution to sustainable livestock industry