Setsuro Tech concludes a business alliance with Quantum Flowers & Foods to combine genome editing and neutron beam technology to realize and provide the world’s fastest breeding service.


Setsuro Tech Inc., which provides contract R&D services using genome editing, has formed a business alliance with Quantum Flowers & Foods Co., Ltd. (QFF) to provide breeding services using both genome-editing and neutron-beam technology.


Setsuro Tech provides a contract-based research and development service, “PAGEs,” and supports the development of new breeds in agriculture and livestock production through genome-editing technology that realizes precise gene editing of organisms.
So far, Setsuro Tech has developed genome-edited animals, such as chickens and pigs, and expanded the scope of research to a wide variety of organisms, including plants and microorganisms.
QFF is a world-first company that implements “neutron beam breeding” as a form of quantum biotechnology using neutron beams (quantum beams), a type of radiation. QFF provides a “speedy breeding” service in which seeds and seedlings are irradiated with neutrons to induce mutations at high rates.

Genome-editing technology and neutron-beam breeding technology are in a complementary relationship, and amalgamating these technologies can maximize each technology’s value in breeding.
QFF’s neutron beam-based breeding technology can induce mutations with high probability and construct a screening system to specify target genes for genetic breeding. However, it is impossible to introduce mutations on the specific target sites of the genome.
In contrast, Setsuro Tech‘s genome editing can target specific genes and introduce mutations as designed. However, target genes have to be selected, and other methods are necessary if there is not enough gene and gene function information to specify the target gene for genome editing.
The business alliance between Setsuro Tech and QFF combines the technologies and strengths of each company and realizes the world-fastest breeding service.

About Quantum Flowers & Foods Co., Ltd. (QFF)

From Ibaraki to the world, Quantum Flowers & Foods Co., Ltd. (QFF) develops diverse genetic resources and resolves food problems.
QFF introduces “quantum biotechnology” into the industry for the first time globally. The goals of QFF are to solve various social problems, such as global warming and food security, and pave the way for the earth’s future by implementing the sustainable bio-agritech business model globally.

About Setsuro Tech Inc.

Setsuro Tech Inc. is a startup from Tokushima University, which was founded in 2017 based on the technology and know-how cultivated at the Tokushima University. In 2015, Tatsuya Takemoto (Representative Director, Chairman, and CTO) of the Tokushima University and others developed “a method that can easily and efficiently produce genome-edited mice” (Japanese Patent No. 6980218).
Shun Sawatsuhashi (Executive CSO) of the Tokushima University developed the VIKING method, which realizes highly-efficient genome editing in cultured cells (Japanese patent No. 6956995). Furthermore, we have developed our own novel genome editing factor ST8 (Japanese patent No. 7113415) and are proceeding with research and development to speed up breeding in the fields of medicine, agriculture, and livestock.
Setsuro Tech develops genome editing contract services for researchers in academia and companies using these proprietary technologies as well as providing genome-edited organisms to a wide range of industries. “PAGEs” aims to develop the genome editing industry and contribute to the well-being and sustainable societies.